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Xochitl 12/04/2018

One of the most frequented places in the magical town of Loreto is Coronado Island. A small area that has a lot to show, flora and fauna from start to finish. When visiting the island it is common to find on the East side, a colony of friendly sea lions.

And although there are many different species of sea lions, within the Loreto Bay National Parkwe can have a closer encounter with the species of California sea lions or Zalophus c. californianus.

Adult males of this specie can measure up to 2.5 meters and weigh 500kg, they are especially territorial in mating seasons and with vocalizations of severe sound they can come across as a very intimidating animal. But we must not get carried away by this because the California sea lions are cataloged as social and friendly species, especially their calves.

On trips to Coronado Island, making sure that the conditions are the safest, we get to snorkel with them having an underwater experience that without a doubt you will not forget.

Contact us here for more information and reservations to Coronado Island, Ex-Pac will take you to see this charming colony and more.

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