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Coronado Island Tour

Coronado Island Tour

Xochitl 01/03/2018

Escape on a relaxing half-day boat trip to a white sand beach with turquoise waters in Coronado Island.
Snorkel, explore and enjoy.

A short twenty-five minute ride from the Loreto Marina can get us to a spectacular world full of natural wonders; underwater we can admire a great variety of marine life, while on the island we can get a closer look at some of the flora species that have evolved in this small area.
Sea lions, birds and dolphins.
Coral reefs, starfish and manta rays.
In their respective season; whales, turtles and blue footed boobies.

Ex-Pac Tours takes you to this mesmerizing place giving you the time and tools needed to have an unforgettable day.
Contact us for reservations/more information.

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