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Xochitl 15/05/2018

Del Carmen Island is the largest of the islands of the Loreto Bay National Park and proof that nature can make randomness something beautiful. This island shares amazing colors and shapes just east of the town of Loreto, when approaching the island the only thing left to do is let it amaze us even more.

An incredible island that shelters different types of animals and protected plants.

Birds, reptiles and mammals like the bighorn sheep. Virgin beaches with an incredible variation of sand and rocks, clear waters with excellent visibility, semi virgin caves and trails with easy access for exploration of the island.

The vegetation varies from huge soft sand dunes, gorges with arboreal vegetation, forests composed of mangroves and arid parts dominated by cacti, some of which are endemic.

In addition, the geographic location of del Carmen is perfect within the protected area, as it is located within the polygon known as the "triangle of whales". Every year during the months of February, March and April it is possible to make expeditions in search of the largest animal in the world: THE BLUE WHALE.

This island is definitely a place that will make you feel in another world.

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